Investing Services

Real estate investing is a comprehensive task that requires the right insight into ever changing market dynamics and factors that impact your real rate of return.


The Filer Welch Group specializes in this field as we are able to shed light on many of the questions and variables that any prudent real estate investor needs to know when deploying capital into the real estate market.


Ask us how we are able to accurately project potential rental income for properties and provide real time data and statistics to significantly better the aquisition experience!

Real Estate Investment Selection Process

Selection of the right investment for our clients is absolutley critical. As such, being able to navigate the market and bring to our client's true investment options and opportunities is a key cornerstone to our team's overall goal and vision for each individual client. Finding out crucial information like future developments, rental rates, interest rates, assumed cash flows, property redevelopment and many more are all factors we consider when you hire us!

Rental Property Analysis

Providing our clients with accurate and up to date rental analysis gives them the knowledge and confidence in knowing what their investment will yield. Return on investment is a key metric when determining which property might be right for investor oriented clients. We offer more in depth insight to ensure our clients can make a purchase that makes sense and fulfills their individual investment goals for the future. 



Get the latest news on anticipated new developments. We have an extensive knowledge of latest developments locally and can keep you posted with the development project of your interest. This includes promotions, VIP events and client tours. Pre sales can be a promising investment, and a great opportunity for a buyer looking for a property just to their liking. 

Most up to date information

With the Filer & Welch Real Estate Group, clients know they can rely on us to provide the most accurate and up to date information about local real estate. Information we keep a particualrly keen eye on are news on: zoning changes, latest sales data numbers and land assemblies. We are always more than happy to have indepth conversations with our clients to give them the full picture of trends and where markets may be heading.